The Pilgrimage of Pasta

Jan 24,2019 Who invented the pasta? Italians are very proud of their their pasta. But is it really their pasta? Well, when we say pasta, we say Italy. When we say pizza, most likely we say Italy. But are they really the creators of pasta? It is somewhat popular, in the occidental world, the legend of Marco Polo bringing some pasta from China. Well, it’s a nice story, but it is not true.

Marco Polo was born in 1254 and died in Jan 1324. There’s some evidence of dried pasta made with durum wheat around the 800AD. The muslims occupiers of Sicily spread the manufacturing and drying techniques. By the 12th century pasta produced in Sicily and Sardinia was already being exported to Italy and Northern Europe. In 1929 after returning from China for a trip, he describes an encounter with Chinese noodles referring them as pasta, which shows he was already familiar with both the terms.

The legend of Marco Polo was likely created as a marketing campaign of 1938 in Minneapolis published by the Macaroni Jounal.

If you are still skeptic, don’t worry about the pasta and its origin. Enjoy it with some family and friends or by yourself thinking that the origin of pasta is our beloved Mother Nature.


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