Towards the end of the 1800s a large flow of Italian immigrants arrived in Argentina bringing their dreams, traditions and off-course La Pasta. With entrepreneurial attitude, many of the “tanos” opened “fábricas de pastas” throughout the country. These “fábricas de pastas” (pasta stores) became so popular that today there are at least 2 or 3 on each neighborhood. The closest to our home, around the corner, was called “La Duquesa” (The Duchess). I remember every Sunday morning, going to the store to purchase the Pasta Fresca, while la mamma prepared the sauce. Sometimes we would get fusilli, other times linguine, cappelletti, ravioli and others. At La Duquesa, you could see the entire famiglia working together, the owner Vittorio, a white hair “tano” that barely spoke Spanish, he’d make himself understand through his smile and the love for the fresh pasta.

Today, mimicking our nonni’s adventurer spirit, we are in Canada, a privilege and generous land, where the durum wheat, where you get the semolina, is one of the best in proteins. Having this goodness that the land is offering, why not take use them to take our love and passion for the fresh pasta to your home.

We hope we can transfer this experience first through the pasta in your plate and then with the experiences and traditions that took us today to open il pastificio “Pasta del Pellegrino”.

We give thanks to our parents, our nonni and bisnonni for transferring such a noble knowledge and for giving us the opportunity to follow their dreams through us.

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